The Society offers two options for joining the organization: Member and Associate.

Membership Eligibility

Eligibility for Membership may be through any one of three avenues, or all three, if desired.  Any woman shall be eligible who has reached the age of eighteen and is lineally descended from a person, male or female, (i) who was born, prior to the Treaty of Westminster, 1674*, either in the Netherlands or in New Netherland of Dutch parentage; OR (ii), whose ancestor resided in New Netherland prior to the Treaty of Westminster, 1674; OR (iii), whose ancestor was one of the following:

  1. a Director General or other Director of New Netherland,
  2. a member of the Council of the Director General of New Netherland,
  3. a member of a governmental or religious body of New Netherland,
  4. a patroon or freeholder of New Netherland,
  5. a commissioner in New Netherland either of Indian Affairs, Boundaries, or Treaties,
  6. a commissioned officer, soldier, or sailor who served in defense of New Netherland.

*The year the Dutch turned over New Netherland to the English.


Associates of the Society include all women who are in the process of becoming a Member, until accepted as a Member, as well as those who are interested in the Society and who support its purposes, but who are not eligible for Membership.


The acceptability of an applicant for Membership shall be by a majority vote of the Board when her application papers have been completed to the satisfaction of the verifying genealogist and she has paid the prescribed fees and dues. Upon acceptance she shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a Member.

The acceptability of an applicant for Associate shall be by a majority vote of the Board after the candidate has submitted a Preliminary Application Form and paid the prescribed fees and dues.  Associates are invited to meetings and events of the membership and they receive the Society’s newsletters and publications.  They are not eligible to vote or hold office in the Society but they are eligible to work on committees, with Board approval.

The Society may not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race or creed.

Application Form

Any woman interested in joining the Society as either a Member or an Associate, should request a Preliminary Application Form through our website [email protected] or by mailing a request to the Society of Daughters of Holland Dames, Corresponding Secretary, P.O. Box 536, Essex, CT  06426.

Please describe your interest in the Society; your qualifying ancestor(s) if known; and include both your e-mail and mailing address.